186 Pictures!!

186 Pictures!!

Greetings and salutations!

Holy macaroni and cheese friends! Between Friday and Saturday, I took 186 pictures of the products to be included on the website. Only 93 made the cut, however. I made sure they showed the best angles, the best colors, and the best sides of the items. They were all cropped (and some cleaned up) and had a watermark added. 

The other thing I did on Saturday was upload all the pictures and make sure all the products had quantity, weight (for shipping), description, and dimensions. That was exhausting! It was so worth it though. I think y'all are going to be impressed with all I've done!

Sunday I made sure everything was working and accurate so I could launch online shopping!! I'm so excited for this HUGE step in the Watch Mer Do process!

Take care and shiny stars!


picture of light box, products

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