All of my amazing items are researched, ironed, cut, sewn, photographed, and uploaded by 1 person: me, Meredith. This means items may vary slightly from the pictures. If you get a loose thread or some stitching isn't perfect, just remember, all items are handmade with love! The lining fabric of bags may not match the outside fabric - it's a surprise what's inside!

If you love what you see, but want a different fabric/color/size, please reach out to cs.watchmerdo@gmail.com!

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You can call me Meredith or Mer (she/her) or Auntie - just don't call me late for dinner! I hale from the great state of Wisconsin (I've lived all over the place). I started sewing 25 years ago and have been gifting since 2017.

With a background of 18 years in retail and food service, I love helping out my customers. Whether that be finding the perfect bag for themself, finding the perfect gift, or custom designing something special for them - I'm all in!

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My favorites are (in no particular order): spending time with my husband, purple, blue, winter, BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes, traveling, sewing, baking, framing, taking naps, sea turtles, being in water, telling punny jokes, and being an Auntie!

I'm also a proud Ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. All are welcome and safe in this place!

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I started vending in Pulaski, Wisconsin in June 2022. I love being able to show my product in person and meeting other vendors who have a love and passion for the craft!

You'll find me in a themed outfit (hello ugly sweater or Halloween costume) or in my teal Watch Mer Do t-shirt with "Owner and Creator" on the Back.

My mom, aunt, and husband have all gone to craft shows with me to support and help me during the shows. I am so lucky to have this amazing support system!

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If you'd like to support Watch Mer Do, but do not want to purchase products, please consider purchasing from my Amazon wishlist. Thank you for thinking of me!