We Wore Matching Shirts!

We Wore Matching Shirts!

It never fails: every time my mom and I get together, we wear the same thing / color / style. We try to coordinate ahead of time so we don't match. We also look a LOT alike!

That doesn't apply when she comes to craft shows with me. I purposely made matching Watch Mer Do shirts (as seen in the pic). The back mine says "Mer, Owner & Creator". Hers says "Mer's Mom". I commissioned them from Etsy, of course. 

Also, in the picture, is mom hiding behind the lunch bags. 🤣

This past weekend, I showed at the Logan High School Fall Craft Show. I had a prime spot in the multi purpose room, on the corner, right as you walk in the door. I already registered for next fall in the exact same spot. I also live close enough that I was able to set up the night before - although I left my table at home. 

Mom left about noon after we drove into the hills to see the colors and walk out to Grandad's Bluff. I have sourdough resting in the fridge to make bread tomorrow and I cut out 3 new bags to finish tomorrow!

Now it's 9:30 on Sunday night. I played the new video game that came out yesterday and it's time to relax and get in the mood for work tomorrow.

I hope you have an amazing week!

Peace, love, and sewing,


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